4 Reasons Why Your Roof Should Be Fully Insured

The roof over your head not only creates a feeling of comfort and safety, but it also protects you and your family from harmful weather elements and potential damage caused by disastrous events. Insuring your roof provides coverage for an assortment of problems that may arise during the lifespan of your roof. This includes residential roofs, roofing for commercial buildings, and gutters. Damages caused to your roofing system or incidents that occur involving your roof can be catastrophic, but if your roof is fully insured, you have peace of mind knowing that the insurance company will help you handle the claim and provide financial assistance to cover the costs. Hansen Roofing Services in Southwest Florida is an insured roofing contractor that understands the potential for disaster associated with residential and commercial roofs. Contact us today if you need your roof or gutters repaired or replaced and keep reading to learn more about the importance of having your roof fully insured.

Protect Your Family

If you live in Southwest Florida then you are certainly familiar with the potential for extreme and severe weather. High winds and torrential rain not only pose a risk to the structure and integrity of your roofing system, but violent weather conditions also impact the area around your home, causing damage to trees, cell towers, and other hazardous objects. While there are precautions and safety measures you can take by staying indoors, there is still a chance that people can be injured while inside. Homeowner's insurance that fully covers your roof can cover injuries and damages that occur due to a compromised roof and can mitigate any financial costs associated with personal injury.

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Repairing Damages

Even the newest and strongest roofs are susceptible to damage. Strong winds, heavy rain, large hail, and falling objects all pose a threat to residential and commercial roofs and could leave your roof in shambles. If your home or business in Southwest Florida needs repair or replacement, contact Hansen Roofing Services immediately after you have notified your insurance company. We are an insured roofing contractor and our team will work with your insurance provider to sift through the fiscal details of fixing or replacing your damaged roof. After a catastrophic storm or unforeseen accident that impacts your roofing system, your home, business, and life can be left in disarray. Our goal is to work with you and your insurance to get your life and roof pieced back together as quickly and easily as possible.

Long-Term Coverage

Whether you are moving into a new home, a home with a new roof, or you have recently replaced the roof on an older home, most insurance companies provide coverage that will last for 20 to 50 years. This long-term coverage gives you peace of mind knowing that your roof is not something you will have to worry about for decades. In addition, Hansen Roofing Services provides a warranty for your repair or replacement that is relative to the scope of the project. This gives you two-fold coverage on your roof and puts the onus on your insurance company to handle the details. We work with most major insurance providers and if there is ever a reason that you need gutter repair on your home, a new roof for your commercial building, or anything in between, you will have financial assistance available to help cover the costs.

Previous Ownership

If you are moving into a home or purchasing a commercial building in Southwest Florida that is a new build or you are building your own, then the roof will be up to contemporary standards and specifications. However, if you are purchasing a home or building from previous owners it is imperative to ask about the age and status of the roof. Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for your roof if it is outdated or not up to code. This could result in you having to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement out of pocket, which can be exorbitantly expensive. We recommend that you are diligent and persistent about asking for details about the age and condition of the roof on the building you are hoping to buy. If you can’t get adequate information, contact Hansen Roofing Services. We provide free estimates and are happy to assess the roof in question and provide you with information about the roof's age, any necessary repairs, or if the roof needs to be completely replaced. This will help you avoid unforeseen costs and risks that may come from having a roof that is unsound and unsafe.

At Hansen Roofing Services, we are committed to providing premier roofing services to Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida. Our team of contractors has over 30 years of experience and has seen the good and the bad situations involving homeowners and business owners and their insurance providers. Being a fully insured roofing contractor, we make it easy to communicate with us and your insurance provider to ensure that you have, not only an outstanding roof above your head but also the proper coverage to ensure you don’t experience excessive expenses associated with any damage caused to the roof. For more information about roofing insurance or to get a free assessment, contact us today. We will work with you and your insurance company to make sure you are properly protected.

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